Bariatric Surgery in Singapore: Is Bariatric Surgery Painful?

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery in Singapore is considered by many as a last resort for people who have failed to slim down via diet and exercise. The objective of bariatric surgery is to reduce stomach size to feel full after eating small portions. This way, it is possible to eat less food per meal and, with time, lose more weight. This surgery is performed by a General Surgeon in Singapore.

How does it Work?

The procedure has two steps: gastric banding and gastric bypass [the most common]. In gastric banding, an adjustable silicone band [or ring] is placed around the upper portion of the patient’s stomach [near the esophagus]. This creates a small pouch where the person will feel full after consuming only small amounts of food. Gastric banding is reversible, meaning that if the patient decides to regain the weight back or has financial problems getting this type of surgery once again, the ring can be removed by another bariatric procedure.

Gastric bypass involves creating smaller pouches so that less food can fit in them. The point of making these smaller pouches is so patients will feel full with just little portions. With time, they would also slowly eat lesser food per meal and lose plenty of pounds over time. Gastric bypass is irreversible, which means there are no second chances for this type of operation.

When should you get Bariatric Surgery?

The decision to get bariatric surgery in Singapore is not easy, so it must be considered only when all other options have been exhausted. Obesity-related illnesses are very common by the time patients reach their 50’s, so they need to act fast before every organ in their body is affected by too much weight.

Now onto the main question; is bariatric surgery painful? The answer is; Yes and no. The first few days after having bariatric surgery can be uncomfortable because there are plenty of changes going on inside the body, but once everything has settled down, the patient should feel fine. There are medications that can ease any discomfort or pain that may arise afterward, though, so there is nothing to worry about there.

The Cost of Bariatric Surgery

There are several factors that affect the cost of bariatric surgery in Singapore. The area where it will be done, the doctor doing the operation, and what other conditions you may have must all be taken into account. In general, though, bariatric surgery can cost from $25000 to $28000 depending on how much weight a person needs to lose, so going abroad can cut down your expenses significantly if no other way is available.

What else should you know about Bariatric Surgery?

Usually, you will need an initial consultation with the doctor. Here, he will explain in detail what goes on during the operation and how it will affect your life afterward. You may need to do specific exercises before getting this type of surgery to lose weight faster, and you can follow through with any diet plan that your doctor recommended.

The best option is to seek help from a specialist when considering getting bariatric surgery in Singapore or any other procedure for that matter. A professional can guide you in making an informed decision about your health which is very important in today’s world where there are plenty of scams around. Here are five more things your doctor will want you to know about bariatric surgery:

  • You will need to comply with a food and exercise plan for life if you want the surgery to be successful and avoid any complications later in life. If you fail in doing so, your risk of developing cancer is increased dramatically.
  • Even though there are no significant risks involved in getting this type of surgery for overweight issues, it is still an invasive procedure, so think carefully before going through with it. In some cases, doctors recommend a lap band instead of gastric bypass because they get better results from it after the first year post-operation. It takes longer for patients to lose weight with banding than gastric bypass, but the process is more gradual, reducing potential side effects that can come up along the way during this period. You will also need to carry the kit with you all the time for years after getting banded.
  • There are procedures that can be done instead of bariatric surgery, but they are less invasive and take longer to lose weight. Some people opt for lap-band over gastric bypass because it is cheaper but only if their weight isn’t too much or have already been managed so well with dieting in combination with exercise. Gastric bypass results have proven to last longer in most cases, though, so this ends up being more expensive in the short term but still worth it in the long run given how effective it is when compared to other types of bariatric operations out there today.
  • Although food restrictions are necessary for life after bariatric surgery, that doesn’t mean people can never cheat. You should avoid heavy foods as much as possible and always check their labels to know whether they are safe to eat or not. This is a crucial point because if there is any doubt whatsoever, don’t take the risk.
  • Bariatric surgery isn’t an option for everyone out there because it could actually result in death depending on what other health problems they have. If you have an eating disorder, depression, or some kind of heart disease, this might not be right for you, so think carefully before acting on any decision about your future weight loss needs, which come with the price of irreversible risks involved with getting gastric bypass surgeries done nowadays.

Final Words

Given how invasive this can be, getting a second opinion from other doctors before going through any significant changes is important. There are many different types of bariatric operations, so you need to pick the one you feel would be best for your needs and carry out all necessary tests before doing anything else. The best way to avoid complications after getting this type of surgery done is by following instructions from professionals closely at all times.

We perform bariatric surgeries when there is a need to lose weight fast, and you can follow through with any diet plan that your doctor recommends. If you feel that this treatment is the best option for you, please, get in touch to schedule an appointment to discuss your options and, most importantly, if this treatment is right for you now. Call us on our number +65 6255 1234 for more information.

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