What Are the Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Infertility in Men?

Having a baby is a simple and natural process. But that’s not the case for all couples. For some, conceiving isn’t easy.

As a man, your fertility is dependent on the quality and quantity of your sperm. If the sperms you ejaculate are of low quality or low in number, getting your wife pregnant may be a tall order.

Infertility is where a couple not on birth control have sex twice a week for a year without conceiving. If you’re there, then it’s time to visit RCC Fertility Ontario Clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

How Common is Infertility Among Men?

According to statistics, male infertility alone contributes to 20 percent of all infertile couples. 30 percent of couples attribute their infertility problems to both genders. That means male infertility contributes to half of the cases.

Further, one in 20 men has a low sperm count. Only one in 100 men has no sperm at all.

What Are the Common Signs of Infertility in Men?

The signs and symptoms of infertility often indicate an underlying condition. The common symptoms of infertility include the following:

  1. Low Sexual Desire

The fertility of a man is largely dependent on his hormonal health. For instance, changes in testosterone may lower one’s libido. In most cases, this man will have issues with fertility.

  1. Testicle Pain

Several factors may lead to pain or swelling in the testicles. Some of these factors may lead to infertility.

  1. Inability to Maintain an Erection

The hormonal levels influence your ability to get and maintain an erection. The inability to maintain an erection may lead to trouble when conceiving.

  1. Inability to Ejaculate

Normally, you should ejaculate every time you have sex. The inability to ejaculate means you need to visit a doctor.

  1. Small and Firm Testicles

The health of your testes is vital to your fertility. It’s here that sperms are made and stored. Small and firm testes indicate a problem that requires medical intervention.

  1. No Signs

At times, your body may not exhibit signs to show you’re infertile. It’s therefore wise that you visit a doctor if you’re not able to conceive in a year.

The Causes of Infertility in Men

  • Genetics
  • Infertility results from problems that affect the production and travel of your sperms.
  • Low sperm count or sperms which don’t work properly
  • Sperm antibodies that fight your sperms
  • Low hormonal levels like testosterone
  • Sexual problems that prevent sperm from entering the vagina

The Treatment

One in every eight infertility cases in men is treatable. In other cases, the doctor may recommend reproductive treatment like IVF to help you get pregnant.

The treatment is dependent on the causes of infertility. some problems are treatable with drugs or surgery allowing for conception through sex. Treatment may include the following:

  • Surgery
  • Treating sexually transmitted infections
  • Mediation and counseling to treat erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems
  • Hormonal treatment
  • Assisted reproductive technology


Most male infertility problems are curable. Visit a professional doctor near you to voice your concerns and seek help.