How Are Cannabis Businesses Different from Other Normal Businesses?

The cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth since its beginning. Today, people are getting millions of dollars of profits from cannabis operations. The laws and regulations set for the industry are different from other normal businesses. Even the way cannabis businesses operate is completely diverse from others. If you are thinking of being part of the profitable industry, you ought to know that operating a marijuana business is different. There are different facts and considerations in the marijuana industry that are different from normal businesses. This article will discuss five of them.


Taxes are a common burden for businesses. Any company is expected to pay a certain portion of its income as taxes. Even though cannabis trades are illegal according to federal law, it does not mean that they are not taxes. As a matter of fact, marijuana businesses, including dispensaries pay higher taxes than other normal businesses. Considering that cannabis is an illicit drug under federal law, it is subjected to a lot of taxes. Therefore, even if the industry has huge profits, businesses have to pay huge taxes to stay in compliance.


Not all weed businesses have access to banking services. The industry is faced with banking limitations and only a few of the institutions are ready to open accounts for marijuana businesses. Therefore, a marijuana business without access to financial services has to operate with cash. Furthermore, unlike other normal businesses that require a business plan and other elements to qualify for a loan, the case is different for cannabis businesses. The only option is private lending from other people who understand the industry.


Businesses like Star Buds Las Animas Colorado cannot market their products or services anyhow. Cannabis businesses are not allowed to advertise on TV, in public or social media. This means that they must find other legal and safe marketing methods. In short, these businesses are limited in ways of advertising their products.

Laws and Regulations

The laws and regulations safeguarding marijuana businesses are very different from others. These laws differ from state to state, and there are aspects that determine where you open the business. The procedures keep altering, and it can be hard and expensive to adjust to all of them. In short, anyone in Las Animas Colorado who is in this business must adhere to strict laws and health protocols set.

Business Models

When it comes to the weed industry, there are two models of operating. It is either plant-touching or non-plant touching. Plant touching involves places like dispensaries, cultivators, and distributors. The non-touching sector involves people who sell or produce cannabis accessories like rolling papers or cannabis tech companies. Those on the plant-touching model are faced with regulations that are stricter than those on non-planting. This means opportunities in the industry are more than buying or selling weed.

Final Thought!

The barriers in this industry always go to the fact that cannabis is illegal according to the feds. The industry has different rules and laws compared to other businesses. Additionally, even though it is easy for other businesses to obtain a license and banking services, the case is different for cannabis businesses.