Food items infused with extracts of cannabis are edibles. They have been licensed to be sold and bought in some states. Edibles are ingested and do not involve smoking. Due to the delayed time of feeling effects of edibles, there have been reported cases of misuse and overconsumption.

As a result of it being edibles and having a pleasant taste, many people forget so soon that it contains some amount of cannabis in them. It can be in form of drink, cookies, chocolate bars, brownies steeped in concentrates of cannabis. All containing the active substance of cannabis, CBD and THC.


Active substances and THC of edibles Canada are absorbed via the digestive tract. They are metabolized into the liver through bloodstreams and sent back. From there they are moved into the Nervous System where the major action takes place. The difference in edibles Canada and the other product is the way the body processes these active substances.

The experience felt when cannabis is smoked, is the same experience that will be felt when ingested as edible. When cannabis is smoked, it is absorbed into the lungs rapidly and finds it away to the brain. The effect is felt so fast while for edibles, the process involved is a lot. It has to first undergo digestion which can last hours.

Either way, edibles turn out to be a safer method of consuming cannabis. Many factors determine effects and its duration. Some of the factors are, height, sex, weight and how fast the rate of metabolism of your system


There is the possibility of overconsumption as a result of the delayed digestion and absorption. Therefore, start by taking small quantities. Most especially for beginners to see the effect on your system. The amount your friend takes does not determine the amount you take. The duration of the effect may end up longer or shorter. This is a great way of keeping your lungs safe from all the health problems related to smoking.


Before proceeding to buy any product at all, look out for the information on the label. This is to have an idea about the contents and ratio of CBD and THC. Beginners should start with edibles having a low content of THC and high CBD content. The high CBD can balance the THC present. Going for a high THC may not be so good since you are just trying it for the first time.

The THC has some intoxicating effects and not all body systems can get over it. That is why you have to take the products slowly then increase if your body system allows it. Some dispensaries sell fake and counterfeit products, ensuring that you are buying from a reputable dispensary. You can ask friends where they buy theirs. Fortunately, you can now buy online. Countless online stores supply edibles and they have a license to.

After you must have made your research, you can scan through the various stores and see the prices. Make a comparison of these prices and go for the sites that have the highest reviews.