Before the modern world has classified these substances as drugs and labelled them harmful to human beings, they were and are commonly used by a lot of civilizations not just for having a good time but also for the body and the soul. A lot of these stories and uses have been lost over the times and in a lot of cases the governments have tried to downplay those stories to convince people of the bad effects that these drugs will have on you. The reality is far from the truth and even substances such as marijuana which has been shown to have so many health benefits was demonized by these governments, people buy weed online now and about 20 years ago young people were going to the jail for using it. Let’s look at some of the stories and cultures which have been forgotten over the time.


People these days travel to the forests of south America to meet shamans who will help with their ayahuasca trips and help them heal from the mind and the body. It is interesting to think about how native people figured out the exact plants they had to mix to give them this experience. There are very few people in the world who have tried DMT in their life, but most of the people who do try say that it has changed their life forever. The substance is slowly gaining popularity all around the world and there has been scientific research about the benefits of it in therapy and what the human brain goes through while it is on the substance.


A lot people know that the native Indians in the US used peyotes and sometimes the venom of some frogs to hallucinate, it is not clear the reasoning behind this, whether they did it for a purpose or just for fun.


There is a stoned ape theory which states that as the apes were roaming around the earth through years of evolution, from roaming around mainly on trees, they started foraging for food on the ground. Of course, they were not the best of hunters and most of the food came from gathering whatever they could find on the ground or from the trees. As they started discovering different types of vegetables and mushroom growing on the ground, some of them discovered psychedelic mushrooms and eating those regularly resulted in the growth of the size of our brains, the theory suggests that using that substance made us creative thinkers and started thinking of other ways to get food and make tools. Of course, this is just a theory, and no one can prove the truth behind this. But at the end it is an interesting idea. There are a lot of civilizations, some of these ancient which has a history of using psychedelic substances as ways to talk to gods and parts of rituals for communicating with higher beings or gods.