All you need to know about Nutrition Coaching

A person who gives coaching on nutrition is a nutrition coach and is generally a Nutritionist. Nutrition coaching becomes important when one doesn’t see any result even after weeks and months of dieting and spending hours at the gym. Healthy habits are a must if one wants to keep oneself in good physical condition. To do so, expert advice is essential.

Nutrition Coaching guides you in keeping yourself healthy by answering all your queries about nutrition, calories, physical workout, etc.,

Is the number of calories important?

Just counting the number of calories you consume daily and making sure that you spend whatever the number of hours at the gym doesn’t give you the results you are looking for. It turns out to be true that we are what we eat. Unless you have a keen sense of how your body is behaving after consuming a particular food, you can’t keep yourself in a good condition. This is where nutrition coaches become important as they keep track of what you consume, in what quantity you consume it, how much work out you should do based on the food consumption, and your body weight.

There are a lot of aspects associated with nutrition and a healthy self. Your focus should not be to build a ‘model physique’ as not every one of us is created the same way. Your focus should only be on building a healthy lifestyle that includes fitness and diet.

Is dieting the only way?

It is not necessary that if you want to incorporate certain things into your life, then you have to follow the same traditional ways. So it is with physical health. It is not always that you have to be on a diet. There are many Nutrition coaches who don’t restrict you from eating what you want and still manage to give you the desired results. What comes on your plate and what goes into your mouth is only important if you have a disease and not otherwise. So it depends on what you are looking for and your present health condition.

Who needs a Nutrition Coach?

Well, if you were on a diet plan, reduced weight successfully but again put on weight, then you need one. If you are someone with fitness goals to reach, if you are desperately waiting to make necessary lifestyle changes to meet your goals but don’t know where to start, then you need Nutrition Coaching.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that once you have expert advice it is taken care of. It is only you that can make a difference. An expert can give you pieces of advice, can be motivational and inspirational but it’s ultimately you who have to stick to it when things go a little off course.


Nutrition coaching is about the general aspects of your health and not about specific ailments. So for specific health issues, see a medical professional.