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- Green Bowel Movements -
Why is My Poop Green?
What Causes a Green Stool?

Green bowel movements may or may not be normal. If you have dark green poop it usually indicates that the fecal matter has had a rapid transit time from the small intestines.

Bright green feces can also be the result of ingesting something which has a lot of green pigment or food coloring.

Watery loose green stool is typical of an infectious diarrhea.

A normal bowel movement is usually a light brown color. Variations in bowel movement color can occur depending on the nature of foods, medications, and even colored liquids that you ingest.

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Occasional variations in stool color should not be of concern if they are easily explainable by what you have eaten, or if you have an acute infectious diarrhea that is short lived.

Gastroenteritis Symptoms Include Passing Loose Green Stool

The most common cause of diarrhea is irritation and inflammation of the colon.

Gastroenteritis is the name for the most common cause of watery loose green stool.

The causative organism for the infection is usually a virus or a bacteria.

However, if dark green poop is normal for you it is probably because the contents of the colon have not spent sufficient time in the large colon where water absorption takes place. This is why it is highly unusual to see solid green bowel movements.

Usually the dark green variation in bowel movement color is also associated with a change in the consistency of the stool. Contents of the small intestine are very watery and if the intestinal contents do not spend enough time in the large colon for water reabsorption to take place, they will exit the body as green feces that are watery or not formed into the usual cylindrical stool shape.

Some types of iron pills may cause a bowel movement that is green in color or supplements of algae and chlorophyll if taken in large enough quantities can also green poop.

by Beverly OMalley

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