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Foods for Diarrhea, Intestinal Cramps and Loose Bowel Movements

A typical diarrhea diet will contain very little food and lots of liquids. This allows the colon to rest and reduces the frequency of intestinal cramps and loose bowel movements.

The BRAT diet for diarrhea may be recommended as a way to maintain food intake during acute gastroenteritis or as a way to introduce foods for diarrhea treatment after the acute episode is over.

Foods that help diarrhea are generally low in insoluble fiber, nutrient dense, and contain lots of fluid.

Really there is no such thing as a diet for diarrhea.

When you are sick with acute gastroenteritis and experiencing intestinal cramps and loose bowel movements accompanied by nausea and vomiting ...who wants to eat food? There really are no foods that help diarrhea because all food will cause peristalsis and that will lead to loose stools.

The best thing is to follow your natural instinct and eat nothing. Just let your colon rest.

glass of water

Fluids at this time, however, are essential. Since you are losing a lot of fluid through the loose stools or vomiting, it is important to replace them.

Water is an essential ingredient of any diarrhea diet. The risk of dehydration is great if loose bowel movements continue unabated for more than 48-72 hours and those lost fluids are not replaced. Dehydration can occur more quickly for the very old and the very young.

Supplementing water with other liquids such as clear fruit juices (but dilute them at least half and half with water) will provide some glucose and electrolytes so you do not develop low blood sugar or end up with an electrolyte imbalance like low potassium or low sodium. Sip small quantities often as much as you can tolerate.

When it is time to start introducing food again you will know, as you will feel hungry and strong enough to get up and make something for yourself. It is best to introduce foods for post diarrhea treatment slowly in order to prevent sudden diarrhea after eating.

The BRAT diet for diarrhea is often recommend for children with acute gastroenteritis.

Discover more about the specifics of the BRAT diet ... it can be used for diarrhea treatment for anyone suffering from intestinal cramps and loose bowel movements.

by Beverly OMalley

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by Beverly OMalley

New! Comments

I would love to hear what you have to say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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